Monday, December 6, 2010


Mark was at work, at a job-site, near a highway, and this dog kept following him around...when he tried to leave, it followed his truck to the highway, and he was afraid it would get ran over, so he opens the door, and it hopped right in! Her name is Pearl...he brought her home, bathed her, fed her...she was lying on the floor next to Mark, chewing on a bone...we noticed she wasn't there anymore...Mark went in our bedroom, and she was ON THE BED!!! Made herself right at home!!! My friend Susie moved into her new home this weekend, so Whitlee came to hang out with us! Wyatt & Mark went to West Texas to hunt all weekend, so we had girl-time!!! Saturday we went to the NBHA in Boyd, and Mamu and I worked the barrels for a couple of hours. The contestants all have to put in so many hours of work to qualify for prizes at the end of the year, so our work-points went to Victoria. She is sitting in 3rd place right now, in the 5D division, which is EXCELLENT for her first year of competition. Madi is sitting in second place in one D, and third place in another. And Sunday the kids went to church, and played outside while I made a cake ALL BY MYSELF!!!

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