Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our new blog...

Well, I've given up. Back in December, I tried to sign-in to my account, and it wouldn't let me. I have tried everything to get in- to no avail- so I have decided to start all over- sigh...
So much has happened, I don't know where to begin. We have made a HUGE decision!!! Mark is going to go to massage therapy school FULL-TIME- school starts in May, and we put our house on the market! I KNOW!!!! We (let me say I) am not totally in love with the house anyway- so to me it's not that big a deal. Mark is very sad about it- he is attached... but there is no way we can afford a mortgage with him in school- SO- we're not sure what we are going to do exactly, but we are praying, and we know we will be guided in the right direction...
Victoria had an accident on the trampoline Saturday, and we thought her little ankle was broken- but it's just a very bad injury, and she is in a walking boot- and she is LOVING every second of it!!! She'll go back to the Dr. next Monday for a follow-up...
Girl Scout Cookie sales are in high gear- I already sold over 150 boxes at work- Victoria and Sofie went door-to-door on our street Saturday- SO CUTE- I stood out in the street and let them do all the work- they got to meet all the neighbors- Victoria said that the old people are her favorite because they are so happy to see her, and so nice...
I'm super-jazzed about my job right now too!!! I've been fighting for a better location for our department for about a year now- and it's finally going to happen (I hope & pray) ....should be final in a month or two!!! My office is really tiny, and there are 5 women in one room- divided by cubicle walls- which makes absolutely no sense - there is no confidentiality- we are interviewing 8 patients a piece- per day- it gets very loud- it's not private- we are asking very personal questions- so they had to do something- we are not following the states laws if we don't.
Oh yeah- Maddie was baptised two Sundays ago in the same spot I was 11 years ago!!! It was an awesome day!!! We also joined a mother/daughter prayer group every Sunday night. I have a book that I read - and it mirrors her book- then we discuss what we learned, and it's going to open so many lines of communication for us- I'm just really amazed by her level of maturity...
So, I think that just about catches you up on most things happening in this great big town of Bowie ;)

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  1. oh sweetie! it's ok! A new blog...it's ok.
    Just type that password slowly girl if you ever change it.
    SO..MARK IN MASSAGE SCHOOL! Umm, would it be strange if I begged him to STEP ON MY FREAKING BACK!! SERIOUSLY! I'm dying!!
    I'm jazzed about that. Very cool!
    HUGS, HUGS TO MADDIE!! I would have loved to have seen that. Her life is forever CALLED>
    Praise Him. Please tell her that. I'm looking forward to shooting her. Tell her I'm thinking of creative stuff now.
    Love you sweetie, BIG KISS,
    P.S. Tell my auntie S. that I love her back!