Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday with our Nashville family!

We went to my Dad's in Royse City to visit with my PawPaw; he is 90, and not doing well. His brother, my Great-Uncle Leon, and his family came down from Nashville too! My Uncle Leon is a country music legend; he was on Heehaw in the band for many years, and then played on the Grand Old Opry, in their band for years after that. I was a bit intimidated, but he was so sweet, I would play my songs, and he would play some lead on his electric guitar, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I could've kicked myself for forgetting my cameras, but got a couple shots with our phones, thank goodness! Madi had her singing debut as well, and played my Dad's guitar!! The little girls entertained my little nieces, I got to visit with my brothers, and the drive there and back went pretty smoothly!!!

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  1. hi sweetie..I can't read your yellow type?! It's hard to read! please change! Glad you got to see your fam!! Love you