Monday, July 20, 2009

First day of NBHA World Finals...

Maddie rode her #1 horse, Shadow yesterday, and they ran a 14.2 seconds!!! She said that 24-yr-old farm horse acted like a world champion trained racing horse that's worth 50 thousand dollars!!! I could hear the smile on her face- she was thrilled! Her next ride was Red Rocket, and they ran 14.8, which is also really good for him. There are 700 girls in her age bracket, and she is in the top 15 right now!!! There are another 800 girls in the older age group!!! Can you imagine???!! All those girls and their families, horses, trucks and trailers, all there in one spot?! CRAZY!!! She rode Bear this morning, and she said he took all 3 barrels so wide- like he didn't have any idea what he was doing...this is his first BIG competition, so we expected him to not be so fast, but you never know? Shadow LOVES to compete, and always gives Maddie his ALL- this will probably be his last Finals- he is so old, and he has a limp still... poor guy...Maddie has a long break now, she rides all three horses again on Thursday- we will be there then- can't WAIT!!! Keep your fingers crossed, and pray for no injuries...
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