Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little V...

My sweet, little Victoria is already missing her big sister, Sofie... she wonders if Sofie is missing her too- doubt it! Sofie is with her best friends at church camp for the whole week. V told Mark yesterday that she was really bored. So he said, "Did you know that Wyatt brought you a box full of matchbox cars?". So off she went outside with the boxful of cars, and Mark told her how he used to play all alone with his cars when he was little. She played carwash with them, and got all dirty and sweaty...the pics above Mark sent me from his phone...notice the dirty face when she came inside?? So then she goes home with Mamu, and today went to work with her... I get the next pictures from Mamu's phone, and V's hair is ALL cut OFF!!! I love it!!! Looks like V is also getting to have some fun cutting hair too! Then it looks like her stuffed dolphin had a blow-out and she is sewing him back up- I showed both little girls how to use a needle & thread a few months back, and they've been sewing up EVERYTHING!!!

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  1. Hey, babe. Guess she really DOES want to be a vet when she grows up. She's already practicing her stitching technique. Today when she gets up from her nap, I'm gonna show her how to go on a scavenger hunt. Love her hair. Have to admit, I was a little scared when Thelma said she was gonna cut her hair!
    Love ya OODLES!