Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday Fun!

This Saturday was girl-day!!! First I polished Sofie's & Maddie's toes; I would've done Victoria's too, but she went to a rodeo with her dad... the picture is of Sofie's zebra toes, aren't they ADORABLE?!?! Gigee came to pick up Sofie and then Maddie, Susie & I headed to Ft. Worth to see the much anticipated New Moon movie!!! Maddie read all four books awhile ago, and kept telling me to read them, so I finally did, and I was almost as excited about seeing the movie as she was. I got all of our tickets on-line, so we didn't even have to wait in line when we got there; we saw the 2:00 movie, and it wasn't even crowded!! My friend Misty, and her two kids and a friend of her daughter's met us there, and I'm so mad I didn't get one picture of our trip; it's been SOOO long since we've done anything like that. We came home to home-made chicken enchiladas (Mark's specialty), then we went to see the Cody Robbin's Band, playing a benefit in Bowie. On Sunday, Mark made breakfast pies, then he did chicken wings for the game!!! Weekends just go by way too fast!!!


  1. Madie, I love your toes.

    Love you Aunt Terry

  2. Dang, she has long toes. Her second toe is longer than her big toe! The zebra paint job looks pretty cool.