Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My husband, the college student...

Mark got home early afternoon yesterday, and got on-line to do his orientation for his first class. When I got home at 5:45, he was still working on it. My friend brought her little girl over for a haircut, and I did that... Mark still on-line... working. They left... Mark STILL working! I can't believe just the orientation is taking so long. Neither can Mark. There were several 'tests' during the orientation, to show you what the real 'tests' will be like. Mark was getting tired, and I was just piddling around the house, trying to keep quiet... around 8:30 he says "It's time for my final exam!!". We were so excited, he had finally reached the end- so after about twenty minutes he says, "I'm ready to submit my exam", and he clicked on 'submit' and the words popped on the screen 'CONGRATULATIONS Mark Rigsby, you have passed your exam'... you would've thought we had just won the lottery- we yelled and high-fived, and giggled and laughed, and we both had tears in our eyes... it gets me teary now, thinking about it- it's like it hit us both at the same time... Mark is a college student!!! And we are going to be very stressed, and busy, and sleep-deprived, and strapped for cash for the next couple of years... but we are so very excited, and proud- our future is so bright- I am just so proud of my husband!!! It's very brave to go back to college at almost 38-years-old! I love you Markie-Mark!!! You are my hero! ILTSOY!

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