Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby gardeners...

As if we aren't busy enough, Mark & I have been wanting to start a garden; yesterday we borrowed a tiller, and planted three little rows right next to the house; so we can easily water it if need be. We put in one row of sweet onion, one row of radishes, and one row of cilantro. Did you know cilantro seeds are actually coriander?? ME EITHER!!! We chewed one up to taste it; you can see (if you look closely) at the seeds in the little trough Mark made with his finger. We also planted two cherry tomato plants and two jalepeno plants. Can you guess what we like to eat?? All we need now is some garlic, and we have Bugshot's Homemade Salsa!!! Mark said a little prayer over our garden, and watered it; isn't he adorable in his Farmer John overalls?!?! He actually wore those to work, but it looks like he dressed just for our garden. We were just giddy as we were planting, we are either getting old, or we are easily amused. (But mostly we just like doing things together) . Stay tuned!!! I also added a picture of the CUTE little ladybug candle holder Mamu gave me for my birthday, and a picture of my front porch (GERBERA DAISIES ARE MY FAVORITE!!!)

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