Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sofie's 10!!!

Sofie's 10th birthday party started Friday at 5:30, and continued until the next day at 2!!! (I know, what was I thinking, right?)...But I wanted this to be her BEST b-day ever, you're only 10 once, and the last two years she has been kind of neglected...last year, Victoria and I were at a Girl Scout camping trip, so no party for Sofie, and the year before only two little girls showed up, and it was just so sad....so this year, I told her to invite EVERYONE she knew, and she did, and they all showed up!!! We had 8 little girls for the sleepover...we had pizza, played outside until it started raining, then came in to watch New Moon, I made root-beer floats, and Sofie's party was a 'Candy Theme', so of course I had bowls of candy everywhere!!! Then it was time for DANCING!!! It was about 1am when they all quieted down, and I was up at 7:30 making pancakes with whipped cream for the bunch!! And I THOUGHT I would be able to have my coffee while they slept in...no chance, they were all awake... then at 10, the other party began...the little boys showed up, the family, one of my best friends came to help me!! Mamu came with the pinata and filled it up!!! The rain that started the night before...still here...and all the activities were planned for outside...Mark and I had been working all week on a treasure hunt...three maps, three different sets of clues, things hidden all over 1.5 acres...buried, in trees, under brush, all over the place...so as the party was starting, Mark ran to Wal-Mart, then the Dollar Store, then Tractor Supply to find some rain-ponchos, and finally found and bought 20!!! I pulled out every jacket I could find, dressed all the kids in my jackets, and their new ponchos, and out we went!!! Every kid told us it was the BEST party they had ever been to!!! JOY-JOY-JOY, that was MY GOAL for Sofie this year!!! It was a blast!!! The pictures tell the rest of the story...Madi's boyfriend broke the ice in the room when he came into the room in a dress and started dancing, then the little boys loosened up and joined in; My friend, Jessica entertained the kids with a needle and thread; she held it over their wrists, and whichever way the needle would swing, she would tell them how many kids and what sex they would be, they LOVED IT!!!! Sofie's grin was infectious...this is a birthday I think she will be replicating with her kids someday...and I will be there with the cake!!!
So then at 2, when all the kids were leaving, Sofie went to her room to play with some of her new toys, and was asleep 5 minutes later...and then it was time to start the next project....getting Madi ready for her 1st PROM!!! ...to be continued...

...the next day I asked Sofie to rate her party on a scale of 1-10, she said it was a 10 MILLION!!! YAY MOMMY!!!

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