Friday, February 13, 2009

Christmas Day at Papaw's...

Merry Christmas!!! I didn't get to blog at Christmas-time because I was having issues with logging in- so I wanted to add the pictures now. Seems like such a long time has passed. We got up early, opened our presents- the girls made cup-cakes, then we were off to Royse City to spend the day with my Dad, step-mommy, grandpa, sister-in-law, brothers, brother's girlfriend, cousins, neices and nephews. We sang, the guys played guitars, we ate, we kissed, and hugged- that side of my family is so affectionate- I LOVE THAT!!! The kids ran around outside- and we just had the most wonderful time- really did- and the drive there and back didn't even make me want to pull all of my hair out this time!!! I'm getting better-WOOHOO!!!

My sweet Dad teaching Mark some cool lick on the gee-tar

Jody & his beautiful girlfriend

PawPaw- my girls' great-grandpa

Cousin Blake's baby, Brookelin & Sofie

Little Rascals

Little bro Jody

Big Bro Matt

PawPaw Ray
(Mad was born on his 75th B-Day: that's where her middle name, Raylea, came from: Mamu's middle name is Lea)

Mom & Dad

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