Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friday afternoon, I was messin' around in the shop. Kinda piddlin' with the 4whlr. Sofie and V came out to play. I decided we should go for a ride around our place. We were going around all of the trees and up the little hills. They were laughing the whole time, which made ME laugh the whole time! Then we decided to set up an obstacle course. I was teaching them how important safety was and how to operate the lights, brakes as well as how to go EASY on the throttle. I/we set up some old metal trash cans, a cone and some flags to make our course. Most of the neighborhood kids were out playing and became pretty curious as to what we were doing in our empty lot. We ended up having about 7 kids over wanting me to teach them and to have a turn. I made them get their parents permission first, I provided a helmet and away they went! Johnny, from next door had never even been on a 4whlr before. He was stoked! He did very well, as did our girls and the other kids. I was glad to give him his first ride. Hopefully he'll always remember that. I think that if we spend a lot of fun times at home with our kids, they won't have the desire to go get into trouble out in town. I'm a dreamer, what can I say!

Love and Happiness,

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