Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Poems '09...

I am very cheap, maybe a better word is frugal; so I told Mark that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was to go out and have fun, but I wanted something personal from him as well. I asked him to write me a poem. So we decided that this is our new tradition; we are going to do this every year; and then we'll read the ones from before on Valentine's Day each year, and save them in a folder. Yesterday we sat down and Mark read his out loud to me, and then I had him read mine. We laughed out loud, and decided this was the best idea EVER!!!! So I wanted to share them with you. Happy Valentine's Day !!! MMUUAAAHHHH!!!!


gentle waves of dew drops- bouncing on my skin
bubbling molten lava- rushing through my veins
total relaxation- my mind- oblivion
leaving me emblazoned- though your touch sustains

my heart- entangled by growing vines
spring flowers blooming- under my feet
my days now filled with bright sunshine
always prayed for a love this sweet

your special nature- joyous tones
my soul- electrified by your smile
kindness soars from within your bones
living proof of God- all the while

meshed together- like honeycomb
bonded strong- one we've become
near or far- you are my home
never- will we be undone


My Love For You

When we first met
you were with my pal.
You said you liked me more
but I was with another 'ol gal.

Along the way, we've shared so much
A belly laugh, some tears, and the
ever awesome touch!

I love you more everyday,
A feeling I never want to shake.
Hell, I love you more than a
perfect chicken-fried steak!

Speaking of how much I love you,
in comparison, here are a few more.

I love you the way a seamstress
loves some 'ol trousers that are tore.

I love you like Pee-Wee loves to bark,
And I love you like a tornado
loves a trailer park!

Our love is like taking the kids
on a summer evening walk.
I love you more than Mamu
loves to talk!

Of all the ways I love you,
I hope you get the gist.
It's the fond memories, like me
in a gown when we first kissed!!

I can't imagine not having you
with me in this life.
You're my best friend, my lover,
and thank God, you're my wife!

Forever yours,

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  1. Absolutely hysterical, amazing, loving and so very awesome honey!! WOW