Sunday, March 8, 2009

Me & My Guy Dance '09

The first annual Me & My Guy Dance was last night. The Girl Scout Daisy troop we are in, wanted to have a party to celebrate our cookie sales, and to let the little girls have a special night with their dads. I made a fruit tray, and a bowl of watermelon balls. I also made Mark and Brad's bouttiniers. The troop leader, Amanda, had her 16-yr-old daughter D.J. All the dads put corsages on the girls; I had tears in my eyes, or a lump in my throat most of the night; it was SO CUTE!!! Victoria is definitely an entertainer; she was the ring-leader on the dance floor. When she asked what time the dance was over, and I told her eight, she said, "that's not fair, I want to dance all night!!!" Takes after her momma...

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