Sunday, March 22, 2009

We didn't need another puppy, but.......

Do y'all remember my sweet little rat-terrier/chihuahua mix I had last year? Her name was Chloe, and she was run over right after we sold her first litter of pups. The female puppy, we sold to an 85-yr-old woman. Her son brought her to our house and got her to keep his mother company... well, the lady has become ill, and has to live in a nursing home... so her son called my mom (she cuts his hair) and asked if we would take her back... sooooooo, of course we didn't NEED another dog, but how could I say no? Mark has been wanting another dog for awhile, a house-dog that is HIS, remember how jealous he is of my bird? Well, when he came home and saw her, they fell in love... she even sleeps in our BED??!!??!! WHAT THE HECK???? I have never let a dog sleep in bed with me, but Mark's dogs always did- but I must admit, she is a very good girl, she doesn't move at all, or scratch, or lick, or make any noises at night- she was attached to the little old lady, and slept with her as well- so it has helped her adjust to her new home rather quickly... she is a lap-dog for sure, and she has gotten skinny in the last two days... she was hand-fed people food her whole life- she was fat two days ago... she won't touch the dry dog-food we are trying to feed her, and she's lost her baby-fat... she is so very adorable, Mark named her Daphne- her previous name was Princess, and Mark just can't make himself call her that- so- they have bonded- I'm trying to ignore her, or she will fall in love with me, and break Mark's heart. I have to make sure she likes him more! ~wink~

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