Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break, so far...

Wyatt's mom just sent Mark the picture of him and the HUGE fish- he absolutely LOVES fishing- Mark always fills his Christmas stocking with fishing gear. The other picture is me, Mark and Blake on Sunday after we came back from riding in the creek!!! It was SCARY, EXCITING, SCARY, THRILLING, SCARY, EXHILARATING, AND did I say SCARY???!! They said we were going trail riding and I didn't need my helmet- WHATEVER!!!! I almost peed my pants a couple of times, and once I even jumped off of my 4-wheeler and made Mark drive it up this one hill that I was afraid of... but I eventually got brave and went right along with all the boys- got wet, muddy, stinky, it was a BLAST!!!!! I was wishing the whole time I had on a jog-bra, and I wished I had brought the camera so I would have proof of the creek being about 3 feet deep, and me going through it STANDING in the seat of my 4-wheeler- but there was no safe place to put a camera- so you'll just have to trust me!!! I also wished I was a guy- when they have to pee, they just hop off and whip it out right there- I had to completely undress and dangle my rear-end in the freezing cold!!! And my throat is sore from all the screaming I was doing- I couldn't control myself... I WAS SCARED- they were all laughing at me- but hey- I DID IT DANG IT!!!

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