Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a fantastic Saturday...

My cousin, Andrea, did a photo-shoot of Madison for her 14th birthday. Madison now has won six trophy saddles, and has never had a professional picture taken with all of them. She also brought all of her buckles along too; so I picked her up at 7am, and we headed on over to Providence Village. I had the honor of baby-sitting little Hannah Bean (more like playing dolls), she cooed and peed, and drank her bottle, and burped, and fell asleep on me- I GOT to change 3 diapers!!! And not ONE had poopy in it!!! Isn't she a good girl???!!! I had my own photo-shoot with her and my phone... I was about to take some of her big brother Luke (he's 3) but he went down for a nap, and didn't wake up until after we left. He is so sweet, his nurse read to him the whole time I was there, and he ate 3 bowls of baby food- he's getting so tall, and strong, and he is really talking up a storm!!! Then when Mad & Andrea got back, we got to see the pics as she downloaded them to her computer. She sent our favorite to me and it is posted below: it's a little teaser... we are so excited to see the rest... Andrea is AMAZING!! Very creative, and sweet to boot. You know how some people just ooze warmth,compassion, and love, and you just feel at home and at peace when you're around them? That's how I always feel at her house... She is available for any type of photos: babies, engagement photos, weddings, seniors, family reunions, pregnancy, you name it... her website link is on this blog- check her OUT!!!

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