Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey this is Mark,
Sofie had a birthday on Saturday. She turned 9! Friday evening she and I decided we would go on a date, just the two of us. I had goneon a date with V before, for her Me and My Guy dance. This was her turn and her b-day as well. Amy and V went on their Girl Scout campout so it was the perfect opportunity for just she and I to do something. After we shuffled Amy and V out the door, we left for Wichita Falls. The night before Amy and I gave her the present that we got for her. It's a video camera somewhat like ours. She can take her own vids and post them on the computer, make movies or whatever. She brought it along and shot some good video. The batteries went dead while we were eating so we only got a few.
Anyway, when we arrived in Wichita, I took her to Samurai of Tokyo. Sof' had never been to a hibachi grill before. We sat and talked and made some small talk with some of the others at our table. I mentioned to our waiter that it was Sofie's b-day and he said he would take care of it. After watching the chef do his thing, we ate and ate and ate. So much food and so little time! She had the shrimp and I had the steak. We shared with each other and thought that they were both AWESOME(her words!). Then when the chef left, the waiter brought out a Geishe girl costume and a wig. With one guy bangin' away on a Japanese drum, the ENTIRE restaurant sang happy birthday to the lady of the evening. They managed to get her to stand up in her chair while this was going on and boy was she red in the face. But she just couldn't stop smiling! Then they brought her a HUGE slice of cheesecake. That stuff was just sinful!!!! AMAZING. When we got ready to walk out a whole lot of people were saying, " Bye, Sofie. Happy birthday.". They were standing up and telling her from across the room. Very nice people to do that. She felt like a star. She is in my eyes.
Then we went to the mall to see a movie. We decided on Monsters vs. Aliens. It was in 3-D. We laughed 'til we almost p'd ourselves. Four or five times during the movie, she would reach over and grab my arm and just smile at me. Then she would lay her head on my arm and watch the movie again. Talk about melting your heart. She was/is ssoooo sweet. I bought her Butterfinger Bites and a soda before the movie. We don't let the girls have those things except on special occasions. I couldn't imagine a more special time than a girls b-day. She let me get popcorn(WITH BUTTER!! WOO-HOO!). We then left the movie and headed back to Bowie. She was asleep before we got out of Wichita. I had gotten up at two that morning and I was some kind of tired, but just thinking about our fun date and her b-day got us home just fine!
I have posted some of her vids below as well as some pics I took with my phone. Not sure how the pics will turn out but I think you'll get the idea. Enjoy!

Love and Happiness,

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  1. How cute you two are.
    So GREAT to see the girls have 2 special men in their lives.