Monday, April 6, 2009


I am in awe, in shock, still from the party Saturday night!!!!! Mark planned this party for my b-day for the last few weeks- and kept it a SECRET!!!! I felt so overwhelmed with LOVE when I walked into the house & saw my Dad and step-mom, my brother and neice and nephew, my best friend and her kids, my Grandma, even friends we met on our honeymoon cruise came all the way from Austin!!!! There were over 50 people there!!! We played music, I sang, my dad serinaded me, it was all so sweet! There was FOOD EVERYWHERE!!!! Keith and Gail made 100 stuffed jalepenos (you know those are my favorite), Brenda and Ron hosted the party at their house and had lots of food prepared too!!! I just want to thank everyone that was involved... I haven't had a party for ME since I was 13- I am loved.... I will post pictures of the night very soon!! My friend Debbie from Phlugerville was the photographer, and she's going to send me the pics this week!!!! I LOVE YOU, EVERYONE!!!!

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