Saturday, April 11, 2009

Turning 37 is THE BEST!!!!!

Remember when you were a little kid, when you woke up on your birthday, you felt like you were just going to explode from excitement, and somewhere along the way, each birthday passed, and that feeling was lost? My whole adult life, I never experienced that feeling I felt as a child, until this birthday... it makes me sad at the same time... to finally be realizing I was living without excitement, without passion for so long... just going through the motions... being numb to it...then... along came Mark... I cannot even begin to explain the joy that he brings me and my precious little girls. I am sitting at my desk typing this; just got back home from our night out, and there was a BRAND NEW BEACH CRUISER BICYCLE waiting for me in the garage!!! I have wanted one FOREVER!!!; Mark's in the music room playing his new acoustic/electric guitar and singing his sweet heart out; I am teary-eyed; he has shown me a love that I had only read about, or seen in the movies... first he planned my surprise party last weekend, on Thursday (my actual birthday) we took the day off and went to a spa and I got a facial treatment called OBAGI, it peels your face off- it's so cool- then to Denton for shopping and lunch; then last night he took me out to my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs. Mamu and her date, Paul, met us there. Blake and DeeDee met us at the hotel prior, and we took the shuttle to the restaurant. After that we went to Pete's Duelling Piano Bar and my brother Matt met us there too. We had reserved tables right up front; we sang out loud, we danced, we got a little tipsy (just a little ~wink~), and I just had the most relaxed, fun time with my husband, and family. Lately I've just felt so overwhelmed by love and affection, and attention, that I was so very starved for... 'Enamored' is a good word for how I feel, a word that Mark uses often about how he feels... Just wanted to get that out- wanted everyone to know that it is possible to be loved the way God intended for a husband and wife to love each other- to feel needed, and appreciated, and be treated in a way that makes you feel like the person you're with really likes you, and wants to spend time with you... it also helps when the person your with loves Jesus as much as you do, and when that person lets you love them, and when you know they are praying for you and with you- it just makes life so damn good... We both feel so afraid sometimes, because we know what we have is so very special- it makes us leery... scared that something is going to take it all away- neither of us has experienced this feeling of doom before... but it just makes us stronger, we pray harder, and we enjoy the NOW... I guess getting older is making me look back on where I've been, and where I'm going... and I just wanted to write this, to let Mark know what he has done for me... ILTSOY baby!!! Thank you to all of my family and friends that helped make my birthday so amazing... Praise God ... I can breathe...

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