Friday, June 12, 2009

Another nurse in the house???

Ohhhhh, y'all, BIG,BIG news!!!! You know our house has been on the market because Mark wanted to go to college full-time???? Well, the college in Bowie now offers ON-LINE nursing school, with clinicals taken on the weekends!!! We are SO excited!!! Mark wants to be a NURSE!!!! Can you believe it???? Me neither!!! People keep asking me, "Do you think he will make a good nurse?", and I say "Are you kidding? He likes people more than I do, so he'll make a great nurse". And then, one of the instructors says, "It's really hard", like he's stupid or something??? I'm thinking to myself, if he can pass Intell school in the Marines, and then work in that field, and all he had to memorize... he can pass nursing school...duh??? So this means, we can stay in our beloved home... BUT... they are still showing the house!!! Our contract isn't up for another few weeks... it's in God's hands... no worries... so pray for us blog family... we have alot of work ahead!!! But it is such exciting, worthwhile work... I am just so proud of my husband for being so dedicated...wanting to learn new things, start a new career NOW... he truly amazes me...

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  1. that's so awesome honey! I'm so excited for Mark! WOW! he could be Luke's home health nurse!! LOL!!