Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Road Trip!!!

Mark & I were invited to a wedding over the weekend... it was his Marine friend, Morty, that he hasn't seen in six years! So, we get up at 4am Saturday morning and head out! Mamu was sweet enough to come over and stay with the girls... Mark drove the entire way down to Fin & Feathers Resort, at Toledo Bend Lake. It was a very pretty drive- thought I must say I read almost the entire time... 'Marley & Me', I just could NOT put it down- anyway, we got there around noon, and sat around the craw fish boil, met the wedding party, and then Daphne & I went to our room for a little nap. The wedding was at 6, right next to the water... it was very beautiful... they have 8 kids between them (little kids)- I KNOW!!!! And you thought WE were crazy??? The reception was alot of fun, and Mark's other Marine buddy was there from Corpus- Bullet! So I knew someone there I could talk to as well!! It was nice to get away, just the 2 of us... I promised to drive back Sunday morning, and I made it almost all the way home... the traffic in Ft. Worth was getting hairy... and I was tired and getting grumpy... so Mark offered ...(after I announced he was driving the rest of the way) , and I got to finish my book!!! The kiddos had alot of fun while we were gone... Mamu took the little girls to PawPaw Chris'... he has a new in-ground pool, and they swam like little mermaids for 2 whole days!!! Plus I heard PawPaw made them alot of yummy treats! Yea, they didn't miss me AT ALL!

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