Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our wedding anniversary...

Well, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary... and we spent it with our 2 little girls... Mad's away at another church camp. Mark baked a chicken, and it was fabulous...he marinated it in balsamic vinegar... he also made rice and then I made a sauce for all of it. We had sangria, and then our wedding cake for dessert. It was surprisingly still good- after 2 years! The girls enjoyed it... we then watched the picture disc, and then the wedding video... the girls laughed and giggled, and Mark and I were amazed at our wedding vows, and how what we said then, still applies today... it was a beautiful day. Two years ago, and yesterday both. We are so happy, and can't believe two years has passed, without any 'knock-down drag-outs', no disappointments, no hurt feelings, it's very surreal really. I am more in love than I ever have been, and Mark says the same thing... we are content, at peace, profoundly in love... blah, blah, blah... I know I keep saying it over and over... don't throw up over my gushyness... I won't talk about anymore... for awhile anyway... ~wink~
I love you blog family!!!
Amy Bug

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  1. ok..2 things honey:
    1) You are my fav. couple. (seriously)
    2) Why the hell was I not into my photography like I am now when you got married?! LOL
    Pics are good...but I wished I could have been in control. HUGS and love you.