Friday, June 19, 2009

Grandma, Nanny, needs a pacemaker ...

Good morning all,

My sweet Nanny is in the hospital... she had a severe headache the last few days, speech was being affected, her walking, she was very weak, couldn't breathe well... she took herself to the E.R. in Irving a couple nights ago, and they admitted her. She had extremely high blood pressure, and a very low heart rate. So, she is scheduled for a pacemaker in the morning. Please pray for speedy recovery, and the procedure to go well for her. She takes care of my Grandpa, PaPa, who is very ill himself... he is going to have to go to a nursing facility, and this news is going to break his heart... please pray for him as well. My Mom and I are headed to the hospital at 1 o'clock today; will keep you updated. Love you blog family...

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