Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Howdy, blog friends/family/cohorts and accomplices! This is Mark. Just thought I'd preview a movie/video I've been workin'. These were just a FEW of the video clips Amy has been taking at the games. The still photos are from last year but were just too dang cute not to include. I put them together into one video and added a song. Lemme know whatcha think, 'k? Until we meet again, I bid you adeu(that's french for farewell, I think!).
p.s. I don't have Maddie on here because I can't find any pics or vids on the computer right now. This was just an experiment anyway...I LOVE YOU, MAD. Don't get MAD! I'm going to compile one of her later in each of her activities...Gonna be at a theater near you 'cause it'll be so long!!!!! Luv ya blog fam!

Love and Happiness,


  1. Look at you... making movies... LOVE the song choice... that is so fun!!! Thank you for doing that Markie- ILTSOY!!!

  2. oh i know how to do this one...finally i get to give you a lesson on this thing!!! you put the & symbol then type hearts (with an s) followed by the a semicolon, don't put any spaces, it's all one word. ♥