Saturday, May 23, 2009

I sucked the heads!!!!

We had Kolby & Laura over to our house a couple weeks ago for steak last night, they had us over for Cajun Night. Kolby cooked 16 pounds of craw fish!!! I've had craw fish tails at restaurants, already peeled with rice and etouffe, but I have never peeled them myself. I wasn't too sure about sucking the heads, but I'll try anything once... it just tasted like the spicy juice their cooked in... I liked eating them, but it's alot of work, and you don't ever get full!!! But it was alot of fun... Mark made a cd of cajun music (zydeco?) , and Bullet (Mark's Marine buddy) from Corpus, stopped by as well. And then the whole neighborhood showed up when they smelled the food! We got to play with their two English bulldogs, Moe and IDK. Our little Daphne didn't like them much, I'm sure they look like monsters to her! As you can see, I took all the pictures, I didn't get my picture taken until this morning at breakfast. Laura cooked us a wonderful breakfast, and then we came on home, and Laura e-mailed me the pictures from breakfast this morning... Thank YOU Laura & Kolby!!! Thanks for having us over, and feeding us, we had a BLAST!!! We love you guys!

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