Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This vid is just of us havin' fun on the big kid playground...the jumpoline(as V calls it) and the "Iceberg". The trampoline was about a 150-200 yrd swim. The Iceberg was about another 100-150 yrd swim from there. It was a blast! Two yrs ago on our honeymoon cruise, we stopped in Cozumel for the day and Bug bought me a nice silver ring that had an inner band that spun. Ironically, it ended up BACK in Cozumel. I lost it one of the times I went off of the Iceberg. We were going to get our masks and snorkels and go find it but...well, you'll have to ask her about the rest of the story! Hilarious!!!!!!! Enjoy and get ready to see what kind of party we had on the ship as well as the room and the layout of the boat. Leave comments if you like, we'd love to know what you think!


OMG!!! This is Amy, and I just saw the video my sweet husband just posted, and feel I must apologize for the part where the camera is right UP MY BUTT!!!! GAAAWWWWW!!! How embarrassing... and I also wanted to point out at the very end of the video, listen carefully, you can hear the whales talking!!!!! SO COOL!!!!

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  1. Loved the whales at the end.
    Best part was "ARE YOU READY RESCUE GUY"

    Love you two.
    Aunt Terry