Monday, May 11, 2009

My Dreamy Weekend...
This past weekend was just filled with so much fun, love, happiness, happy babies, happy husband, happy Mommy... I am overflowing... Victoria & Sofie came running up to the house Friday with their presents in hand... Sofie gave the a beautiful card she made and cut out... and her present was a sun-catcher, a glass one with beads "that one of the kids Mom's took home and melted in her oven" , it is GORGEOUS... and V made a card that had a pocket inside, and in the pocket was a packet of Zinnia seeds, and the other side said "My love for you grows & grows"... they were beaming with pride... I hung the sun-catcher in the kitchen window, and then we went out and planted our seeds along the front of the house, and V watered them... she said, "we have to get up early in the morning and watch them come up"!
Saturday, Mark and I got up early and worked in the flower beds, raking, pulling weeds, bagging sticks and leaves; the weather was perfect, and I love working in the yard... then that afternoon, we all went to Grandma Brenda's for dinner and music... there were some other kids there for mine to play with, and we all had a really great time...
Sunday morning, I woke to coffee, and Mark told me to just relax, and that he and V were going to do breakfast... so I sat on the computer for awhile, then started to get everyone ready for church. We had french toast, and bacon... powdered sugar- YUMMY- REALLY YUMMY!!!! Then we headed to Cowboy Church... there was a family group that sang for the whole service, except for when all the kids were called up front to get their lesson about helping one another, and surrounding yourself with other Godly people; they brought in a calf, and asked for a volunteer; Victoria stood right up, went right up to that calf, and the pastor asked her to make it lie on the floor; she tried and tried, smiling the whole time- she said "I need help", and then other kids were invited to come and help- Sofie ran right up there, and they all started pushing that baby down on the floor!!! Everyone was laughing and clapping- AND they didn't even get POOP on them!! This church is too cool!!! No where else can you wear boots & jeans to church and feel welcome- you can even bring your DOG!!!!
When we got home, Mad helped me clean up, and gave the sweetest card that played music; Mamu came over, and my friend Misty from 11 yrs ago that just moved back to Bowie, brought her two kids, and Mark and Sofie picked up lunch for everyone, and brought me a beautiful pot of pink flowers. Misty brought her 12 yr old girl, and 14 yr old boy and they got along with Maddie, they jumped on the trampoline and threw the football. I am just so happy and excited to have my friend back!!! And then my friend Dana surprised us with a visit later in the afternoon, and I just couldn't have had a better weekend!!!

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